Factors contributing to an excellent PPF installation

When choosing a company to protect your vehicle, keep the following in mind.

SunTek Ultra Defense offers the same high-quality material as SunTek Ultra, in a film that is almost 2x the thickness, providing all of the same benefits, plus exceptional impact protection. Ultra Defense is designed for “high impact” areas on street vehicles such as the front bumper since it is lower to the ground and is subjected to more rock chip damage. It is also recommended for vehicles that will be taken to the race track or driven at high speed.

Experience is critical when it comes to the installation of paint protection films. Inexperienced installers lack the knowledge required for proper paint prep and application techniques to eliminate stretch marks, as well as a detailed eye for debris and bubbles that can become permanently trapped under the film. This is even more critical with a unique film like SunTek Ultra Defense which has a stronger adhesive and must be stretched perfectly to achieve a proper fit.

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We’re known throughout the Arizona detailing market as the top PPF installers in the state. We also recently took first place in the International Window Film Tint Off Competition (the #1 competition for PPF installations), beating out dozens of top installers from all over the world. If that’s not enough, take a look at our reviews on Yelp, Google, or come speak with some of our customers at one of the local car shows that we regularly sponsor, you won’t be disappointed.

SunTek Ultra Defense paint protection film qualities

SunTek Ultra Defense is an upgraded PPF designed for added impact protection on selective areas of the vehicle. For most parts of the vehicle, this extra protection is completely unnecessary. However it is recommended for high-impact areas such as front bumpers which are relatively vertical and low to the ground, acting like a magnet for rock chips and road debris. We also recommend Ultra Defense for more expensive vehicles or vehicles which will be driven at high speeds on a race track where rocks and debris can cause significantly more damage.

SunTek Ultra - Rock Chip Protection
SunTek Ultra Defense - Rock Chip Protection

SunTek Ultra Defense is the industry leader in impact protection

Extra Protection
Ultra Defense is twice as thick as standard paint protection films and is designed to provide a virtually impenetrable barrier to rock chips and road debris. The Ultimate in quality and protection.
SunTek Ultra Defense PPF offers the same incredible quality and self-healing capabilities as SunTek Ultra.
Precise Designs
We use the most advanced 3D scanned film templates for our SunTek installations because they offer the most coverage, virtually eliminate on-vehicle cutting, and include fully wrapped edges wherever possible.
10 Year Warranty
The gold standard in the industry with a complete film & labor guarantee against discoloration, cracking, peeling, and more.
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Choose the right coverage for you

Due to the added costs, SunTek Ultra Defense is recommended only for high-impact areas of vehicles, or vehicles that are taken to the race track. The cost to upgrade from our regular SunTek Ultra PPF to Ultra Defense PPF is approximately 30%, depending on the complexity of the installation.

  • Upgrade Front Bumper Film
    Adds ~$100
    Depends on the complexity of the installation
  • Upgrade Full Front Film
    Adds ~ $300
    Depends on the complexity of the installation
  • Upgrade Full Body Film
    Adds ~ $1000
    Depends on the complexity of the installation

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