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There are dozens of films available in the market and we’ve tested them all! We exclusively offer premium Llumar CTX and FormulaOne Pinnacle and Stratos window tint which provide exceptional heat rejection, glare reduction, and a neutral grey color. We wouldn’t install something on your vehicle that we wouldn’t use on our own.

Difficult jobs like a one-piece Tesla Model 3 rear window are no match for our experienced installers. And not only have we mastered the application techniques, but we also take exceptional care of our customer’s vehicles by quickly absorbing application fluid to prevent any water marks on the vehicle or damage that can occur with high-volume shops.

OzBraz is 1 of only 2 Llumar SelectPro certified dealers in Arizona, allowing us to offer customers the absolute highest quality FormulaOne window tint films. Our clean and organized shop prevents debris from getting trapped under the film. And our high-intensity LED lighting allows for excellent visibility and proper positioning of the film.

We started off as a dedicated Paint Protection facility and are known as the top installers in the country. We’ve taken our winning formula of exceptionally trained staff and superior products and applied it to window tinting industry. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our reviews on Yelp, Google, or stop by our shop to see some examples of finished jobs and work in progress, you won’t be disappointed.

Benefits of window tint

Window tint is one of the most noticeable changes you can make to your vehicle, not only in appearance, but also in comfort. Virtually all window tints block 99% of UV rays to protect your skin and your vehicle’s interior. But premium window tints such as our Llumar CTX, and especially our FormulaOne Pinnacle and Stratos nano ceramic films, also offer excellent heat rejection, glare reduction, and a neutral grey color. Not a purple, green, blue, or brown color like you’ll get with some other films. We only offer the films that we would use on our personal vehicles.

Total Solar Energy Reduction
IR Energy Rejection
Selective IR Rejection
Glare Reduction

Exclusively offering Llumar nano ceramic films including FormulaOne

Superior Heat Rejection
Our Llumar nano ceramic window tints provide up to 64% TSER, keeping you cool in the hot Arizona summer.
Premium Grade Only
We are 1 of only 2 Llumar SelectPro certified dealers in Arizona. Recognized for our excellence in service and installation.
Precision Cut
We computer cut our window tint to ensure the perfect fit, no jagged edges, and no chance to damaging your vehicle by cutting the film on the car.
Lifetime Warranty
Manufacturer backed, nationwide warranty against cracking, bubbling, or color change.
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Choose the right film for you

We offer only the top two levels of Llumar window tint to our customers. Both films are nano ceramic for excellent heat rejection without blocking cell phone reception and with no strange color hues. Neutral grey only. The full range of VLT (darkeness) shades are available for each film.

  • Llumar CTX
    Starting at $450
    High heat rejection and glare reduction with lower reflectivity
  • FormulaOne Pinnacle
    Starting at $600
    Even higher heat rejection with great glare reduction and a neutral grey color with zero cellular signal interference.
  • FormulaOne Stratos
    Starting at $900
    The best performing window tint you'll find anywhere. Exceptional heat rejection, exceptional glare reduction, and a perfectly neutral grey tone.

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