Professional Powder Coating

When choosing a company to powder coat the wheels on your vehicle, keep the following in mind.

With any type of powder coating or paint job, prep is one of the most important and often most overlooked steps. We use a bead blasting process (not sand blasting which can cause imperfections) and carefully remove all of the factory finish to ensure your newly powder coated wheels will be free from bubbling or peeling.

From our meticulously maintained shop, to our thorough quoting process, to our timely scheduling. We know your time is valuable and we will do what it takes to deliver an installation that exceeds your expectations, the first time around.

Rather than dealing with multiple shops and scheduling several different appointments, we can take car of your PPF, window tint, powder coating, and other protection and customization needs, all at the same time. Reducing the time your vehicle is in the shop and saving you valuable time and energy as well. We are perfectionists and will make sure that all of your needs are met for each and every service that we offer.

Benefits of powder coating

Powder coating is very similar to painting, except the coating is applied as a dry powder via electrostatic charge, and then baked in an oven at 400 degrees to cure. Powder coating is superior to painting due to the added durability which makes it suitable for surfaces that are subject to more abuse such as the wheels of your vehicle.

Powder coating is also more environmentally friendly than painting since it requires no toxic solvents which then evaporate into the air.

Color Range
Environmental Friendliness
Rock Chip Protection
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SunTek Ultra is the industry leader in clarity and stain resistance

Advanced Durability
SunTek has one of the most advanced top coats on the market and provides the ultimate protection against discoloration, bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, and other environmental contaminents.
SunTek Ultra PPF offers incredible self-healing capabilities that eliminate the worries of swirl marks and minor scratches.
Precise Designs
We use the most advanced 3D scanned templates for our SunTek installations because they offer the most coverage, virtually eliminate on-vehicle cutting, and include fully wrapped edges wherever possible.
10 Year Warranty
The gold standard in the industry with a complete film & labor guarantee against discoloration, cracking, peeling, and more.
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Choose the right coverage for you

Our standard coverage options are shown below, but we also provide custom coverage levels to get you the protection you need at a price that meets your budget. From something as basic as a front bumper, to complete protection for every painted surface of your vehicle. Our paint protection films are designed to prevent everyday damage to your vehicle and reduce the need for detailing, thanks to their self-healing properties which virtually eliminate minor scratches and unsightly swirl marks.

  • Partial Front
    Starting at $700
    Partial front protection includes bumper, mirrors, partial hood, and partial fenders.
  • Full Front
    Starting at $1600
    Full Front protection includes bumper, mirrors, full hood, and full fenders.
  • Full Body
    Starting at $5000
    Full body protection includes every painted surface of the vehicle.

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