Why Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle?

Ceramic coatings, often regarded as the pinnacle of automotive protection, go beyond merely safeguarding your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic Pro comprises nano-sized ceramic particles that form a molecular bond with your car’s surface. The result? An invisible, super-durable layer that delivers a multitude of benefits. These coatings offer unmatched protection against environmental elements such as UV rays, stains, bird droppings, tree sap, and even micro swirls, preserving your vehicle’s finish. Their hydrophobic properties cause water and contaminants to bead up and roll off effortlessly, simplifying maintenance and reducing the frequency of car washes. This not only saves you time but also minimizes the need for harsh cleaning chemicals that might otherwise harm your vehicle’s clear coat. Furthermore, a professionally applied ceramic coating can amplify your car’s gloss, giving it a showroom-worthy shine. When it comes to longevity, ceramic coatings can endure for years, making them a cost-effective choice for preserving your vehicle’s paint and, consequently, enhancing its resale value. To unlock their full potential, it’s crucial to opt for professional application. Here at Ozbraz, our team of highly skilled professionals go above and beyond to ensure your vehicle receives nothing but the best. Our mission? To excel above industry standards, put quality first and provide you a service that exceeds your expectations!

Ceramic coatings offer a durable and cost-effective solution for safeguarding your vehicle’s paint, providing long-lasting protection that goes the distance. With their advanced technology, these coatings not only shield your car’s finish but also enhance its longevity and overall appearance, making them a smart choice for those seeking quality and value in paint protection.

Ceramic coatings provide a hydrophobic layer that actively repels water, forming a shield against moisture and creating a surface that stays cleaner for longer. This not only simplifies maintenance but also adds an extra layer of protection, preserving your vehicle’s aesthetics and finish.

Ceramic coatings act as a formidable defense against a multitude of environmental threats, including stains, tree sap, acidic rain, harmful UV rays, and the notorious challenge of bird droppings. By creating a protective barrier, they ensure your vehicle’s pristine appearance endures even in the face of nature’s toughest challenges.

A ceramic coating not only enhances the gloss of your vehicle’s paint but also plays a crucial role in minimizing the appearance of those pesky micro swirls. By creating a sleek, mirror-like finish, it adds depth and brilliance to your car’s appearance while ensuring it stays free from subtle imperfections, resulting in a truly stunning finish.

A ceramic coating significantly simplifies the maintenance of your vehicle, making it a breeze to keep your car looking its best. Its hydrophobic properties repel dirt and contaminants, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and ensuring that your vehicle retains its luster with minimal effort on your part.

A ceramic coating can be a strategic investment that positively impacts the resale value of your vehicle. By preserving your car’s paint and overall appearance over time, it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes a compelling case for a higher resale price when the time comes to part ways with your beloved vehicle.

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Why Ozbraz Is The Best Choice

At Ozbraz, we proudly stand as the valley’s foremost destination for ceramic coating services. Our reputation as the best in the industry is not just a title; it’s a testament to our unyielding dedication to quality. Quality isn’t merely a buzzword for us; it’s a fundamental principle ingrained in our morale code. Our team embodies this commitment, ensuring that every vehicle entrusted to us receives nothing less than meticulous care and attention to detail. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to using only the finest ceramic coating products on the market, with Ceramic Pro leading the way. When you choose Ozbraz, you’re choosing a company that places quality at the core of its values, backed by the assurance of the best ceramic coating products available. Your vehicle deserves nothing less than the exceptional, and at Ozbraz, we deliver quality that speaks volumes.

We exclusively utilize Ceramic Pro as our coating of choice, and for a compelling reason – it’s widely recognized as the industry’s best. The choice of discerning automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike, Ceramic Pro sets the standard for excellence in paint protection and enhancement. Its proven track record and unmatched performance make it the natural choice for those who demand nothing but the best for their vehicles.

Our team of detail-oriented professionals takes great pride in their meticulous approach to the art of ceramic coating application. With a keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, our experts ensure that each coating is skillfully applied to perfection, leaving your vehicle with a finish that not only meets but exceeds your highest expectations.

Our meticulously organized and pristine workshop plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless application process of our coatings. We’ve created an environment where external disruptions are virtually non-existent, allowing our dedicated technicians to focus their skills solely on delivering a flawless application, providing you with the highest level of quality and precision.

Ceramic Pro is the world leader in protection, durability, and appearance

Hydrophobic Protection
The superhydrophobic surface created by Ceramic Pro coatings is no match for hard water, bug stains, bird droppings, and daily dirt/grime.
9H Hardness
The increased hardness of the coating provides protection against scratches, swirl marks, and marring to protect your paint from daily wear and tear.
World Patented
Ceramic Pro's proprietary Si02 formula is patented around the world after 10 years of research and testing to provide unmatched protection for your vehicle.
Lifetime Warranty
Available with the Ceramic Pro Gold package, Ceramic Pro warranties the coating for the life of the vehicle.
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Ceramic Coating Tailored Your Way

There’s a coating for all surfaces of your vehicle. Mix & Match coating options and receive a tailored ceramic coating bundle price.

  • 1
    5 Year Ceramic Coating
    5 Year Warranty
    Included - 1 Layer of 9H accompanied by a layer of Top Coat, applied on your vehicle's painted surfaces. Starting Price - $899
  • 2
    2 Year Ceramic Coating
    2 Year Warranty
    Included - 1 layer of Top Coat on painted surfaces Starting Price - $499
  • 3
    Wheel & Caliper Ceramic Coating
    2 Year Warranty
    Inquiry regarding details of your specific wheel and/or calipers. Starting Price - $249
  • 4
    Interior Ceramic Coating
    2 Year Warranty
    Options - Leather, Plastics, Fabric Starting Price - $449
  • 5
    Windshield Ceramic Coating
    3 Year Warranty
    Included - 1 layer of Glassparency applied to the windshield. Starting Price - $149
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For windshield specific coatings, we prefer GlassParency.

GlassParency’s patented hydrophobic glass coating is a one-time application that includes a 3-year warranty. It creates a slick barrier designed to repel water, snow, ice, dust, oil, and dirt while providing effortless cleaning. Some of the major benefits of GlassParency windshield coatings include enhanced optical clarity, better driver vision, and a reduction in day and night glare.

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