Why Paint Correct Your Mercedes?

Paint Correction is the ultimate solution for rejuvenating your Mercedes’ paint, whether it’s fresh off the assembly line or has endured the harsh Arizona conditions. Our expert team excels at elevating your Mercedes’ finish, exceeding its original factory condition. We meticulously evaluate your car’s requirements, crafting a tailored strategy to eliminate imperfections and restore its flawless appearance. A freshly corrected Mercedes not only grabs your attention but also instills unwavering confidence in every drive.

Paint Correction is a meticulous process that can significantly reduce or eliminate the appearance of ‘orange peel’ texture, resulting in a smoother and more refined paint surface. This technique involves carefully leveling the uneven areas in the paint, ultimately enhancing the overall visual appeal of your Mercedes’ finish.

Our transformative process breathes new life into your Mercedes’ paintwork, achieving a finish that surpasses the factory quality. Our skilled technicians meticulously assess and correct imperfections, restoring your paint to a level of excellence that enhances the overall appearance of your Mercedes, ensuring it stands out with a showroom-worthy finish.

Paint Correction is your comprehensive solution for addressing a wide range of paint imperfections, from the subtlest micro swirls to deeper scratches, and even the removal of chemical etching caused by the harsh elements and Arizona’s challenging conditions. Our expert technicians meticulously evaluate and treat your Mercedes’ paint, restoring it to a pristine, flawless state, ensuring your car looks its best, no matter the challenges it faces.

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Why Ozbraz Is The Best Choice

At OzBraz, we proudly stand as the valley’s foremost destination for paint correction services. Our reputation as the best in the industry is not just a title; it’s a testament to our unyielding dedication to quality. Quality isn’t merely a buzzword for us; it’s a fundamental principle ingrained in our morale code. Our team embodies this commitment, ensuring that every Mercedes entrusted to us receives nothing less than meticulous care and attention to detail. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to using only the finest products and equipment on the market. When you choose OzBraz, you’re choosing a company that places quality at the core of its values. Your Mercedes deserves nothing less than the exceptional, and at OzBraz, we deliver quality that speaks volumes.

Our team of detail-oriented professionals takes great pride in their meticulous approach to the art of Paint Correction. With a keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, our experts ensure that each correction is skillfully completed to perfection, leaving your Mercedes with a finish that not only meets but exceeds your highest expectations.

Our meticulously organized and pristine workshop plays a pivotal role in ensuring the best correction results. We’ve created an environment where external disruptions are virtually non-existent, allowing our dedicated technicians to focus their skills solely on delivering a flawless correction, providing you with the highest level of quality and precision.

What To Correct

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Lock-In Your Shine

After experiencing the transformative effects of a Paint Correction, we strongly recommend the next step: a ceramic coating. This advanced protective layer offers hydrophobic properties that repel water and environmental contaminants, preserving the pristine finish achieved during the correction process. Beyond safeguarding against weathering, microscratches, and the elements, a ceramic coating simplifies car maintenance, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring your Mercedes’ brilliance endures for years to come.

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Paint Correction Tailored To Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s paint is unique! Our packages are designed to tailor your paints specific needs. Inquiry to add a Ceramic Coating for a bundled price!

  • 1
    Paint Correction Tailored To Your Mercedes
    Your Mercedes paint is unique! Our packages are designed to tailor your paint's specific needs. Inquiry to add a Ceramic Coating for a bundled price!
    -Enhances Gloss -Removes Minor Defects -Improves Factory Haze Starting Price: $449
  • 2
    Single Stage Correction
    Decontamination Wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Comprehensive Spot Buffing & Polishing
    -Considerable Defect Removal -Reduces Orange Peel -Eliminates Factory Hazing -Enhances Gloss -Increases Color Depth Starting Price: $749
  • 3
    Multi Stage Correction
    Decontamination Wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Bespoke Buffing & Polishing For A Showroom Result
    -Ample Defect Removal -Eliminates Orange Peel -Eliminates Factory Hazing -Maximum Gloss -Extreme Color Depth -Showroom Clarity Starting Price: $1499

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